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Why do we have no success in what obviously works out without a special effort for everyone else? How is it possible that a friend of mine gets pregnant right after giving up the pill and we have been “trying” for a year already?

There is no one single answer to these questions, but there are many possible answers. On the following pages, we have described some typical problems. It is our task to find out, what causes your infertility, and we will try our best to give you a clear picture of your problem. Nevertheless, in the case of approximately 5-10% of all couples we cannot find any causes either. In spite of it, it is better to undergo treatment then simply surrender to destiny.


einfuehrungIn Germany, about 10 % of all marriages remain involuntarily childless. About 800.000 of couples visit gynaecologists, urologists and general practitioners every year in order to find the answer. Today there are about 120 specialised fertility centres in Germany aimed ...


Causes of female infertility
Causes of male infertility