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The age is of course a limiting factor both in the natural cycle…and in the infertility treatment. In Germany, there is unfortunately a significantly false estimation in this regard. Everyone has heard about “biological clock”, but only few know when it really plays a role.

According to the relevant survey in Germany (2008), more then 50% of the respondents believe that chances decrease at the age of 40 and older. This wrong information is definitely influenced by the mass media, which always presents individual successful cases in the advanced age as normal. Famous people often get their first child in the age of 40, but no one asks them how it has worked out. It can be assumed that some of these women have undergone special treatment.

The natural chance decreases already after the age of 35, the biological clock ticks faster. In the age of 25, a woman has a chance of 25-30% per attempt to get pregnant, and 70-80% of these women get pregnant in the course of a year (12 cycles – 12 attempts!) provided their partner is fertile without limitations. A woman in the age of 40 has only one chance of approximately 10% per cent a year to get pregnant (chances per attempt are also very low).
The cause for a lower pregnancy rate in advanced age is natural ageing of cells, which unfortunately also affects the egg cells. If a sperm encounters an old egg cell, it can often lead to an unsuccessful fertilisation, and the embryo does not nidate either. In the worst case, pregnancy begins but ends in miscarriage. It can be assumed that women after 35 can be fertilised but unfortunately it happens more often then in young women that no embryo capable of development appears as a result if this.

This loss of chance cannot be made up as part of fertility therapy. It should be taken into account that chances become lower with the increasing age. A women younger then 35 will have a chance of 30 % per attempt in the case of an artificial insemination (IVF, ICSI), a women of 40 a chance of 15-20 %

.The earlier you decide to have a child, the higher is the probability that you will achieve your goal. This is also true for fertility treatment: the earlier you turn for help, the higher is your chance to get pregnant.