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Antisperm and egg cells antibodies

Antisperm and egg cells antibodies or also antibodies against any other body cells can negatively influence the chance of occurrence of pregnancy or carrying it to term.

The majority of possible antibodies prevent a simple general conclusion as to their meaning. In general, so-called immunologic immunity is rather a rare cause of infertility. Many questions of therapy and diagnostics remain unanswered. That is why we focus on an appropriate therapy of infertility, which means that an intrauterine insemination is carried out if sperm antibodies are found in the woman.

Time-consuming and expensive immunological sterility examinations should be carried out only in a special laboratory because of their insufficient scientifical data records. In the declaration on evaluation of immunological therapy in infertility treatment (for example immunoglobulin, partner lymphocytes therapy, immunization, therapy against NK-cells) of 2007 medical doctors carrying out infertility treatment worldwide have warned against such a treatment because of its possible side-effects and because its effectiveness has not been proved yet.

Therefore, it is important to point out that insurance companies often do not reimburse this kind of examinations and therapy.