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Damage of the fallopian tube

07 stoerung der eileiterdurchgaengigkeit

Disorders of the cervix and uterus are comparatively seldom the reason for an involuntary childlessness, more often there is a patency problem of the fallopian tube and its funnel shaped ends.

Following events lead to an egg and sperm cells passage disorder: 

  • Blockages of the fallopian tube (also after the sterilisation)
  • Limited mobility of the fallopian tube (for example because of adhesions)
  • Damage of the mucosa lining of the fallopian tube

The most frequent reasons for a damage of the fallopian tube are:

  • Inflammations (also in the past)
  • Endometriosis
  • Adhesions
  • Pre-operations
  • Fallopian tube pregnancies

The treatment initially focuses on the therapy of the basic disease, for example an endometriosis operation or a medicamental treatment of an infection. However, the next step should often be an artificial insemination (IVF) since damages of the fallopian tube can be completely restored only in very few exceptional cases.