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08 endometriose

Endometriosis means that cells similar to endometrial ones can be found outside of the uterine cavity. It is one of the most frequent benign female diseases. The causes of this disease are not very clear. It has turned out recently that uterus causes main problems in case of endometriosis since obviously its mucous lining peels off not only during the menstruation and then arrives in the wrong point, more specific in the abdominal cavity.

Frequent symptoms of endometriosis are:

  • Long-term (chronic) pains in the lower belly
  • Painful monthly bleedings, that make a normal activity impossible for many days
  • Pains during sexual intercourse
  • Pains during urination/bowel movement
  • Blood in the urine/stool

Those suffering from the disease often cannot get pregnant because of inflammatory (or caused by adhesions) organic changes of internal genitals.

With regard to getting pregnant, the main problem of endometrioses is disorder of sperm transportation. Unfortunately, this problem has only recently received attention. It can be proved that in endometriosis patients, albeit to varying degrees, so-called targeted sperm transportation to an ovarian follicle ready for an ovulation is severely disturbed. In these patients, only a significantly reduced amount of sperms gets to the site where fertilisation takes place. Many sperms remain in the vagina or are transported into the abdominal cavity.

The existence of endometriosis should be suspected in the case of one of the above-mentioned symptoms. A thorough gynaecological ultrasound examination can confirm the suspicion. However, the diagnosis of endometriosis can be first made after a laparoscopy.

More Info: http://www.gesundheitsinformation.de/artikel.196.342.de.html