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Causes of male infertility

04 eingeschraenkte spermienqualitaet

We ask three questions. Those are:

  1. whether a sexual intercourse takes place on a regular basis, or there is anything that prevents it
  2. whether there are pathological findings as to the amount of sperm, its motility and morphology
  3. whether the hormone values are pathological

The examinations needed to answer questions 2 and 3 can be carried out in the Fertility Centre of Mainz. We do not carry out further examinations, since we are specialised in treatment of women. In case there are pathological findings, we will refer you to an urologist/andrologist.

Sperm maturation disorder

05 stoerung der spermienreifungVarious factors can disturb sperm maturation. In addition to a mumps infection with the involvement of testicles that one had as a child (mumps-orchitis), varicose veins on testicles (varikocele), undescended testicle, operated tumour or congenital causes, for example, pathological hereditary ...


Disorder in sperm transportation