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Sperm maturation disorder

05 stoerung der spermienreifung

Various factors can disturb sperm maturation. In addition to a mumps infection with the involvement of testicles that one had as a child (mumps-orchitis), varicose veins on testicles (varikocele), undescended testicle, operated tumour or congenital causes, for example, pathological hereditary disposition can negatively influence sperm quality.

Hormonal disorders, stress and environmental pollution as well as acute infections are other possible reasons for a reduced sperm quality. There is a clear correlation between smoking and sperm quality. Sperm motility in smokers is reduced, which results in worse pregnancy rates.

If this decrease in sperm quality attracts attention when clarifying infertility, a targeted examination of possible causes should be carried out. A specialised urologist andrologist, specialist for internal medicine or dermatologist can do this. In some cases, a human genetic consultation or an examination can also be recommended. The gynaecologist uses the received information in order to reasonably plan further fertility therapy.