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Fertility and smoking

Today no one will doubt the general harmful health effects of smoking. Smoking also negatively influences fertility. More then 1000 chemicals are contained in tobacco smoke, among them aniline, cadmium, cotinine, carbon monoxide, dioxin, arsenic.

How does it influence fertility?

  • Smoking women have to wait longer before pregnancy occurs
  • The chance that pregnancy occurs is reduced even in the therapy of childlessness
  • During the pregnancy, the risk of miscarriages and defects of development is increased in a smoking woman.
  • Smoking women get menopause earlier then non-smoking
  • The motility of sperms is decreased in the body of smoking women

That is why it makes sense to stop smoking before starting fertility therapy.

Read the fact sheet of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine

Fertility and body weight

Overweight as well as underweight can negatively influence female fertility. About every 6th German citizen is overweight. The fat tissue is a hormone-producing organ. A too high fat proportion of fat in the female body influences the cycle: overweight women have disturbances in the cycle more often. In addition to that, there is often an increased insulin level alongside the overweight. This has a direct influence on the function of ovaries. An adequate body weight is an important prerequisite for reproduction. Reducing overweight improves the chances for getting pregnant also in fertility therapy.

In order to assess the body weight so-called body mass index can be determined today (BMI):

BMI = Body weight in kilogram / Body height (m) x body height (m)

The resulting value should be between 20 and 25 in women. A value of more then 30 indicates a strong overweight. Underweight (BMI <18) also has an adverse effect on fertility- there can be disturbances in the cycle up to an absence of ovulation.

Read the fact sheet of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine

Fertility and stress

A man cannot live without stress since he needs an increased performance disposition in many situations. Under stress, certain hormones are released in the body. They initiate various physical reactions. The heart beats faster, the brain and body are better supplied, the senses are sharpened. It is not bad in itself. The problem appears when this condition lasts. The Austrian-Canadian researcher Hans Selye coined the term “stress” in order to describe the reaction of biological systems – of animal and people to stress. Since then, this expression has made a great carrier. Stress has become a general symbol for strain. Originally, the term should only describe what happens in the body when it is under strain. “Stress” was a neutral expression at first. The negative image, that the term stress has today, Selye initially called distress. Negative influences, strain, fear or anger lead to so-called distress. This harmful stress remains during rest periods and negatively influences life. It can lead to fatigue, nervousness, sleeping disorders and other diseases. The influence of distress on egg cell maturation and sperm formation seems to have been the subject of scientific discussions for a long time –it seems that there is a connection between hormonal disorders and a decreased sperm formation. There is no patent remedy how to alleviate or even avoid distress. There are various reasons for stress, and every person reacts to it in a unique way. If stress negatively influences your life quality, you should seek professional help. During therapeutic talks, you can develop effective strategies of dealing with stress. Alongside a therapy, yoga or other meditative procedures, relaxation or respiratory techniques can be help.

Read the fact sheet of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine