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1. Supporting egg cell maturation

17 hormonstimulation ivf icsi

It is important for the In Vitro Fertilization, to achieve the maturation of many follicles through a controlled hyper stimulation. By means of this stimulation, we increase the chance to retrieve many embryos, to fertilize them successfully and to transfer one to three embryos. Stimulation with genetically produced FSH or HMG, which is obtained from urine, has proved to be effective.

The stimulation begins on the second or on the third day of the cycle with the injection of these hormones. In order to prevent a premature ovulation, the FSH or HMG stimulation are combined with so called GnRH analogues. Either administration of GnRH analogues begins in the second half of the precycle (long protocol) or it begins with the stimulation (short protocol).

A new way of stimulation is so-called antagonist protocol. In this case, it begins with the daily stimulation with FSH or HMG, on the cycle day 6-8, the GnRH-Antagonist must be injected additionally.

The length of the daily injections varies between 10 and 18 days. All injections can be administered by the patient herself, or with the help of the partner.