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6. Fertilisation of egg cells

ivf mainz 644

The sperm retrieved for the IVF up to 4 hours after the egg cell retrieval is prepared in the laboratory. The motile sperms are put into the culture liquid 2 to 6 hours later, for the conventional In Vitro Fertilisation 250000 motile sperms are needed per an egg cell. In the case of ICSI, one sperm is placed into each retrieved egg cell under the microscope on the day of egg cell retrieval. This is a very elaborate technology, which requires a lot of experience and above all a quiet hand.

In the most cases, egg and sperm cells remain in the heating cabinet at the temperature of 37°C for about 24 hours. After this period, we check whether the sperms have penetrated into egg cells and fertilisation has begun (impregnation). Two to three impregnated cells are selected and are cultured in an incubator for one or five more days. Excessive impregnated egg cells can be frozen and used later (cryoconservation). During incubation in the heating cabinet, the fertilized cells divide, the embryos are then transferred into the uterus as four, eight cells or highly divided embryos.