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Embryo Protection Act

In the Embryo Protection Act of 13.12.1990, the federal government has strictly regulated the legal framework for reproductive medicine. The goal of the law is to regulate the conscientious handling of the originating human life and prevent its abuse of any kind. For example, it is laid down that only trained medical specialists can carry out In-Vitro-Fertilization. That gives you security, that specialists will treat you. As part of IVF- treatment following is prohibited in Germany: for example, knowingly fertilizing more then 3 egg cells, fertilizing a woman, who plans to give her child up for adoption, egg cell donation (though foreign sperm materials are not prohibited!) as well as surrogate motherhood.

All experiments with embryos (for example clones) are strictly prohibited in Germany, though they are in part allowed in other countries.

We assure you that we will responsibly handle your genes, since they are the most personal thing you have.

Today the majority of specialists for reproductive medicine demand a new law, which regulates handling with egg cells, sperms and embryos. The Embryo Protection Act was up to date in 1990. The newest techniques such as for example preimplantation diagnostics or foreign egg cell donation are unfortunately not considered in it.

Embryo Protection Law