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Clomifen is primarily applied before simple therapy procedures, for example, ovarian stimulation with or without insemination. Clomifen leads to an increased production of the gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH). This leads to a significant increase of the follicle stimulating hormone in the hypophyse and therefore to stimulating the egg cell maturation in the ovary.

The preparation of this hormone is taken as a tablet. In some cases, such complaints as hot flashes, outbreak of sweating, feeling of dizziness and visual disturbances associated with taking Clomifen have been reported. These side effects usually disappear after you stop taking the tablets.

Please pay attention:

  • During the period Clomifen is taken one but also many egg cells can mature and this can result in twin and triplet pregnancies
  • Clomifen should be never used without a medical monitoring of the cycle
  • Clomifen should not be used every month, but always only every second month
  • Clomifen should be used maximum 6 times
  • Clomifen alone does not lead to a significant increase of pregnancy rates. For this, it is also necessary to trigger an ovulation with medications.