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GnRH-analogues, GnRH-antagonist

The task of these substances is to make the cycle better controllable and this way to be able to trigger ovulation on the exact day.

GnRH-analogues (available as a nose spray, a one-time depot injection and a daily injection) and GnRH-antagonists (available as one-time injections) block the hypophyse and this way prevent a premature ovulation.

Please discuss with your treating doctor which of the both preparations is best suitable for you.

Long (stimulations) protocol with GnRH-analogues

The GnRH-analogues has been used for many years. Alongside the injection (as depot or one-time injection) it can now be administered as a nose spray.
As part of so-called long protocol, a lead-time of two weeks is needed for GnRH-analogues to begin to take effect. After that, an external ovarian stimulation with a FSH or HMG begins, that lasts about 14 days. During the whole period, a continuation of therapy with GnRH-analogues is necessary. If a depot of GnRH-analogue is administered, it is administered once.

Short stimulation protocol with GnRH-analogue

The GnRH-analogue injections that must be repeated daily begin with administering FSH/HMG and are continued until they end (appr. 10-14 days).

Short stimulating protocol with GnRH-Antagonists

GnRH-Antagonists have been on the German market since 1999, until now they have been available only as a daily injection.

The GnRH-Antagonists were first used during a running FSH/HMG-Stimulation, due to their immediate effect. They are also injected daily until the end of the stimulation.