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Cryoconservation(freezing) of sperms and egg cells


Freezing of sperms can be reasonable if because of the disease of the man, a chemotherapy or radiation therapy is planned, which can result in limited fertility, though the patient has a desire to have children later. In some individual cases, freezing of sperms can be done before a long absence of the man. Depending on the situation, the frozen sperms can be used for an ICSI therapy or an insemination therapy later.

Testicular tissue cryoconservation

The testicular tissue retrieved as part of TESE (see there) or the sperms that are retrieved this way can be cryoconservated and are used for a following fertility therapy.

Cryoconservation of fertilized egg cells

kryo2If more egg cells have been fertilized during IVF or ICSI treatment then should be transferred during the Embryo-Transfer, those “redundant” fertilized egg cells can be cryoconservated at so-called pronucleous stage. If needed these can be thawed later and transferred to the uterine cavity after the embryos have developed out of them – this makes possible that pregnancy occurs without having to undergo all therapy steps of an IVF or ICSI therapy. Neither hormonal stimulation nor retrieval of egg cells (puncture) is needed. In addition to that, after introduction of a new regulation (50 % of own contribution) the procedure has become significantly less expensive then when you have to pay 50% of a completely new attempt.

The procedure is well tried, secure, and increases pregnancy rate connected with the egg cell retrieval, though the pregnancy rate per attempt is a little worse in this method.

To consider:

Insurance companies usually do not reimburse all cryoconservation procedures. This means additional costs for a couple undergoing treatment.