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In-Vitro-Maturation of egg cells (IVM)

In patients with polycystic ovaries, running the risk of hyper stimulation syndrome, or in tumour patients, this procedure is reasonable from the therapeutic point of view. During this procedure, immature egg cells are collected by puncture from preantral follicles in an immature condition or after a short hormonal stimulation of the ovaries, as during follicle puncture. Then they are cultivated in a special culture medium until they maturate (metaphase II). Afterwards an (IVF/ICSI) extracorporeal fertilization and later on an embryo-transfer are carried out. This way it will be possible to isolate immature egg cells from the frozen ovarian tissue, in order to let them mature in culture later on. This is primarily important for tumour patients, whose ovaries are removed or germ cells (gameta) are destroyed because of systematic tumour-therapy – chemo-therapy.

This procedure has been clinically applied for many years and children have been born due to it. Still there are methodical difficulties. That is why it cannot be expected now, that this procedure will be used routinely soon.