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Intracytoplasmatic sperminjection ICSI

20 gegenueberstellung ivf icsi

Intracytoplasmatic sperminjection ICSI is an additional measure as part of IVF, which is applied in the case of a bad sperm quality of the man. In this respect, the steps up to retrieving the egg cell are identical to the IVF-treatment (see there).

Differences between IVF-ICSI 

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The egg cells are fixed with a fixing pipette under a special microscope. Then a single sperm is pulled into a thin injection pipette and injected directly into the egg cell. ICSI, which is also called microinjection, is similar to a natural penetration the egg cell by the sperm. With the help of this method, about 70 % of the retrieved egg cells can be fertilized. As it is described in the IVF treatment, embryo transfer takes place two or five days after that.