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Ovarian stimulation therapy

Often a hormonal stimulation is needed to improve or induce egg cell maturation (see medications). This is done by tablets or injections, which a women can inject herself under the skin fat tissue according to the instructions. The effectiveness of this hormonal therapy is monitored with the help of ultrasonic examinations and determining of the hormones level in blood.

Stimulation procedure

There are two methods of hormonal stimulation:

  • Stimulation with hormones
  • Stimulation with injections

Stimulation with tablets (clomifen) takes place from the 3rd until the 7th and from the 5th until the 9th day of the cycle. Starting from the 9th day ultrasonic monitoring and blood tests for hormones take place. If one to three mature follicles can be detected during the ultrasound examination, ovulation is triggered by means of an HCG injection. Ovulation can be expected 30-40 hours later.
During “stimulation by injection”, FSH is administered starting from the 2nd day of the cycle (see medications). This is continued until 1 to 3 eggs capable of being fertilised are seen during the cycle monitoring. The procedure is the same as during treatment with Clomifen. After ovulation has been triggered, a sexual intercourse should take place. We will inform you about the optimal time for that.