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Polar body diagnostics

Depending on the age of the woman, egg cells show 20 to 70 % of genetic pathological findings. In most cases, these egg cells or embryos that have developed of them are not viable, or viable only for a short time. Through a genetic examination of embryos or so-called polar body diagnostics, those embryos that have a chromosomal deviation should be recognised in order to exclude them from the embryo transfer.

In Germany, the Embryo Protection Act does not allow preimplantation diagnostics (PID) of embryos. That is why carrying out of polar body diagnostics is propagated alternatively in part, since it is not prohibited by the Act. With the help of this examination, only deviations in the area of the motherly chromosome can be recognised. In addition to that, only a small amount of chromosomes can be examined in the given time slot because of legal preconditions.

Nevertheless, these methods (PID and polar body diagnostics) for increasing the efficiency (increasing pregnancy rate, decreasing miscarriage rate) of the IVF or ICSI therapy are controversial. The most examinations could not indicate any efficiency with regard to an increasing pregnancy rate. Furthermore, damage of embryos or egg cells is not completely excluded (approximately 5% of all cases).

The complexity of this diagnostics and the given narrow time slot can lead to either false positive or false negative finding, therefore it cannot be completely ruled out that healthy embryos are rejected or that genetically pathological embryos are still transferred.

Polar body diagnostics is not carried out in the Fertility Centre of Mainz for the reasons stated above.

Please pay attention:

Insurance companies do not reimburse the costs of polar-body diagnostics, which means additional expenses for the couple under treatment.