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Testicular biopsy

22 spermiengewinnung tese

TESE is a Testicular Sperm Extraction and means retrieval of sperms from a testicular biopsy specimen before a planned ICSI-therapy. A specialised urologist carries out the biopsy. Either the operation is done simultaneously with egg cell retrieval or – which is often better - already before the planned ICSI therapy. The specimen and the retrieved sperms are frozen (cryoconservation) in order to use them for a further fertility therapy if needed. The specimens retrieved during the TESE undergo a tissue diagnostics in order to clarify why there were no or only so few sperms in the ejaculate before so that a disease of testicles can be recognised or excluded.

The combination of an ICSI treatment with the TESE can make it possible to achieve pregnancy also in cases when no sperms can be found in the ejaculate. Such a complex therapy is only possible through cooperation between the Fertility Centre of Mainz and the urologist. In many cases, it is reasonable to have a consultation of an experienced human genetics specialist before the therapy. Offices of specialists in these fields are located close to our centre, which provides an optimal and smooth course of therapy.

Reimbursement of costs

The costs for freezing of sperms are not reimbursed by the insurance companies. The intervention on testicles can possibly be reimbursed.