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  • ...the main requirement is that you have sperms at all. When this has been proved, the further treatment depends on the quality of your sperms. In the case of a very bad quality, ICSI, the intracytoplasmic sperm injection can be a feasible method for you
  • ....you must be married to your partner
  • ....you must be HIV-negative
  • ... you must be younger then 50 and older then 24

Fulfilling the listed requirements is necessary if you want your insurance company (publicly funded) to reimburse at least 50% your costs. You can undergo treatment even if you do not fulfil some of the listed requirements, but in this case, the public insurance company will unfortunately not pay you anything.

If a private company insures you, it makes sense to ask your insurance company and to legally secure the right for reimbursement of your costs as part of settling an individual case. Private insurance companies do not have such limitations as the above-mentioned list!