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Treatment costs

Since the health care modernisation law took force on 1st January 2004 insurance companies no longer reimburse assisted reproduction procedures (Intrauterine Insemination, IVF, ICSI). If framework conditions are right (age not younger then 25, age of woman-under 40, age of man under 50), public insurance companies can reimburse half of the treatment costs upon request. 50% of treatment costs the patient must pay himself.

A specification of costs for the fertility treatment is available in german language on request. Please keep in mind that the price list is just to give you an financial orientation. The actual treatment costs always correspond to your individual situation.

Information for privately insured: If the partner who is responsible for infertility is privately insured, the total costs of a fertility therapy will be paid for by the private insurance of the partner – also in cases when the other partner has a public insurance.
If both partners are insured privately, 4-6 attempts of insemination and 3-4 attempts of IVF or ICSI are completely reimbursed.

The couple in all cases must pay additionally requested procedures such as for example blastocycts culture cryoconservation. An insurance company cannot reimburse these services.

The Federal Fiscal Court has decided when the costs for a fertility treatment will be reimbursed as special costs or financial strain/burden:

If a woman is responsible for involuntary childlessness, the tax and revenue office must recognise the costs, as long as they are not reimbursed by the private insurance. The reason for it is that the Federal Court of Finance and the Federal Supreme Court have rated infertility of a married woman as disease, and so-called homologous artificial insemination is a treatment of this disease (the Federal Supreme Court decision- of 18.06.1997, BStBl. 1997 II S. 805). )

Unfortunately, there are always competence problems with public insurance companies and private insurance companies with the regard to fertility treatment, to be more precise, who pays for what. The most couples-constellations (one partner has a private, the other a public insurance) have already been legally clarified. An overview of the legal situation associated with reimbursement of costs you can find on kinderwunschrecht.de.