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General information - services

Since 1.07. 2004 we have offered to the childless couples wishing to have a child reproductive medical diagnostics and therapies according to the most up-to-date scientific data:

  • Cycle monitoring
  • Hormonal control
  • Spermiogram
  • nseminations
  • VF
  • ICSI
  • Cryoconservation of sperms, testicles tissue and fertilised oocytes (IGEL)
    Blastocycte culture (IGEL)

After you have provided a consultation according to §27 of guidelines to carrying out artificial insemination (applies to gynaecologists, urologists, andrologists and other specialised doctors with appropriate qualifications; see guidelines for carrying out artificial insemination procedures”), you can personally sign up the couple in our centre.

Please note: This consultation must be a couple consultation. In comparison to a pregnancy conflict consultation, it is not enough to just consult the woman.

The couple gets an information package, which contains all important information for you as a referring specialist and for the couple.

For the therapy, we also need a referral for the partner of the patient, it must be issued by you as long as you have already seen the partner during consultation according to § 27 or have already let him undergo diagnostic steps (for example spermiogram). After consulting KV-Rheinessen the gynaecologist is allowed to refer the partner of the patient to the fertility therapy. Otherwise, an urologist, dermatologist or general practitioner can make the referral.

Alongside reproductive medical therapies, we offer services of a hormonal laboratory, here analysing all kinds of parameter relevant for gynaecological endocrinology is available to your patient. Of course, you will get a commented report and in case of written requests therapy recommendations that you can fulfil with your patient later on.

If our commentaries are insufficient, you will find further information at http://www.laborlexikon.de/index.html

Endocrinological parameter for publicly and privately insured patients:

  • LH
  • FSH
  • Estradiol
  • Progesterone
  • Prolactin
  • Testosterone
  • Free testerone
  • Androstenedione
  • TSH (only for privately insured patients)
  • fT3
  • fT4
  • SHBG
  • HCG

Spermiogram can also be done in the Fertility Centre of Mainz. Of course, it includes a thorough documentation of findings as well as therapy recommendation if requested. A gynaecologist, urologist or general practitioner can also issue referral for a spermiogram.

If you have questions on the subject of fertility, we recommend you to read the publication of the Berlin Institute of 2007. http://www.berlin-institut.org/studien/ungewollt_kinderlos.html